Support for macOS?

Masashi Honma masashi.honma at
Sat Oct 16 16:32:05 PDT 2021

On 2021/10/17 6:56, David Hu wrote:
> In the main document page at
> It mentions that wpa_supplicant is for mac OS but I cannot build it no matter how I try it because I cannot figure out a way to install libnl which is required to build wpa_supplicant.
> Does that mean it is impossible to use wpa_supplicant on macOS?
Support for Mac OS is already removed at 2011.

commit 3962b65858ae5d5226fa504d2d1b4f63e7686a95
     Remove unmaintained driver wrappers
     The driver wrappers broadcom, iphone, osx, and ralink have not been
     maintained for a while and it does not look like they will be in the
     future either. As such, remove them from the development branch. The
     previous versions will be included in older releases up to 1.x.

Masashi Honma.

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