Automatic HT/VHT capabilities detection

Daniil Gentili daniil at
Sun Oct 10 06:19:53 PDT 2021

Hi all!
I have a question regarding the choice of HT/VHT capabilities in the 
hostapd configuration file.
I used `iw list` to obtain a list of HT/VHT capabilities supported by my 
network card, and specified them in the configuration file, but I'm 
pretty sure I'm missing some configuration parameters, since performance 
connecting to my pi 4 5ghz AP is really bad, even 30 cm away.
I'm also having similar issues with another MT7612E-based network card 
on an rk3328 board, which worked great on my (now-defunct) openwrt 
router, but is having severe range issues with my manually configured 
hostapd config (.
My question is: is there any way to make hostapd automatically detect 
the network card's capabilities (using the same kernel API iw is using), 
and automatically choose the best configuration flags possible?
And if not, where can I start to add such a feature inside hostapd itself?
I embarked on this hand-configured linux router journey for fun and 
knowledge right after my openwrt router died, and did not expect such 
low-level 802.11 details: I don't mind reading the 802.11 standards just 
to configure my AP, but of course I'd love an easier workaround :D
Daniil Gentili

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