Question: is it possible to start dormant hostapd?

Raphaël Mélotte raphael.melotte at
Fri Dec 10 03:28:22 PST 2021

Hi Arturs,

On 12/8/21 5:40 PM, Arturs Laizans wrote:
 > Hi list,
 > Tl;dr: Is it possible to start hostapd without opening an AP and then
 > later start AP through ctrl interface?

Just to add another possibility: if you don't have full control over the hostapd 
configuration, you might also find the "start_disabled" parameter useful.

When enabled (i.e. when start_disabled is set to 1), the interface won't be 
beaconing when hostapd starts. Next, the "UPDATE_BEACON" command can be used for 
the interface to start beaconing.

With this in mind, you could pre-create one or multiple BSSes with 
"start_disabled" set to 1. Once an interface has been configured and you want to 
start using it, you can send the "UPDATE_BEACON" command to that interface 

Kind regards,


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