Question: is it possible to start dormant hostapd?

Arturs Laizans arturs.laizans at
Wed Dec 8 08:40:59 PST 2021

Hi list,

Tl;dr: Is it possible to start hostapd without opening an AP and then
later start AP through ctrl interface?

We are developing a demon that would control wpa_supplicant and
hostapd. Currently, it is easily possible to start wpa_supplcant that
has no network configuration and later add networks through ctrl
interface. However, it seems that for hostapd it is not possible, or
is it? We would like to eventually start a hostapd service that does
nothing to interface (wlan0) until it gets settings from ctrl
interface. Afterward, also disable AP through ctrl interface.

Any input would be appreciated.

Have a nice day!
Best Regards
Arturs Laizans

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