[DPP2] DPP Configuration Result with status other than DPP_STATUS_OK

XaZaX auilter at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 04:51:24 PDT 2021


In the current (HEAD) implementation of hostapd i see that DPP
Configuration Result frames are only being transmitted if the status
is set as DPP_STATUS_OK. Is this intended behavior ?

Here is the related code part from supplicant (in wpas_dpp_gas_resp_cb() ):

As far as i can see from the Wi-Fi Easy Connect Specification v2,
under 6.4.4 DPP Configuration Result sub-topic it is stated as the
status field of DPP Configuration Result frames can have either of

"... The DPP Status field value indicates the result of the
configuration: STATUS_OK indicates success and STATUS_CONFIG_REJECTED
indicates failure."

Thanks in advance.


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