hostapd:SAE: Confirm mismatch with H2E

Mon Aug 30 10:34:25 PDT 2021

Just searching for H2E is not enough. I don't have specific patch list I applied. However I followed below approach. 
git clone git://
cd hostap-master
git log --oneline de4d62dbc...d1fb06c94 > ~/git_log_de4d62dbc_d1fb06c94.txt
egrep -ri 'hash-to|H2E|PWE|SAE|rsn'  ~/git_log_de4d62dbc_d1fb06c94.txt > ~/filtered_de4d62dbc_d1fb06c94.txt
These gave me list of commits related to H2E for hostapd, wpa_supplicant and src folder in filtered_de4d62dbc_d1fb06c94.txt
Patched individual required diffs to our hostapd.

On 8/30/21, 5:01 AM, "Linus Lüssing" <linus.luessing at> wrote:

    On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 04:00:52AM +0000, RAGHAVENDRA SADARAMACHANDRA (rsadaram) wrote:
    > Hi All,
    >   I patched H2E related changes from latest  hostap code to hostap_2_9. H2E patches up to  commit ID 9f50538e1 were applied and it is working fine.
    >  The same patches I applied to our modified hostap_2_9. I am getting bellow error:
    > [*05/10/2021 22:24:27.2890] hostapd:SAE: peer-send-confirm 1
    > [*05/10/2021 22:24:27.2890] hostapd:SAE: Confirm mismatch
    > [*05/10/2021 22:24:27.2890] SAE: Received confirm - hexdump(len=32): 70 1f a1 bf 93 7e 14 ab f2 93 3a eb 98 2e 3c b4 8b 91 ce 6e 93 92 42 03 bb ee 5f 2d d1 b4 09 a8
    > [*05/10/2021 22:24:27.2890] SAE: Calculated verifier - hexdump(len=32): 7f d7 dc 46 44 18 3f 91 cf 0a 72 54 25 5b 57 e3 12 fd 79 c8 e2 05 02 83 0b ac 9a dd 6c 5c 9d f2
    > Not sure where it is going  wrong. Please let me know how to debug this mismatch issue.
    > Some pointers will be helpful.

    Hi Raghu,

    I'd also be interested in using SAE H2E on OpenWrt 19.07, which is
    based on hostapd from 2019-08-08 (ca8c2bd28ad).

    Do you have a list of patches you ported to hostap 2.9? With
    "git log --oneline --all --grep='H2E'" I get a list of 65 patches
    (or 42 without the tests), but I'm not sure if they'd be

    Regards, Linus

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