[PATCH v4 7/8] wpa_supplicant: doc: Replace Native Part 1.

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Thu Aug 19 02:03:21 PDT 2021

On Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 10:32:10PM -0700, Arowa Suliman wrote:
> Replaced the word Native with more inclusive words such as built-in.

> diff --git a/doc/code_structure.doxygen b/doc/code_structure.doxygen
> @@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ with with hostapd. The following C files are currently used:
>  	Definitions shared by multiple files
>  \ref l2_packet.h, \ref l2_packet_linux.c, and \ref l2_packet_pcap.c
> -	Layer 2 (link) access wrapper (includes native Linux implementation
> +	Layer 2 (link) access wrapper (includes built-in Linux implementation
>  	and wrappers for libdnet/libpcap). A new l2_packet implementation

This feels incorrect since the reference here is to something being a
native function in an operating system instead of a wrapper or an
adaptation layer on top of that. Both of those could be built-in into
the operating system and this comparison here is between things that
need to use an adaption layer to access an interface and things that do
not need such an extra layer. It would probably be better to replace
this comparison with more specific names of the interfaces instead of
this type of a comparison if there is desire to get rid of this type of
use of the word "native". In other words, something like "includes Linux
packet socket and wrappers for libdnet/libpcap".

> diff --git a/doc/driver_wrapper.doxygen b/doc/driver_wrapper.doxygen
> +++ b/doc/driver_wrapper.doxygen
>  When porting to other operating systems, the driver wrapper should be
> -modified to use the native interface of the target OS. It is possible
> +modified to use the built-in interface of the target OS. It is possible

A similar comment would apply here.

> diff --git a/doc/porting.doxygen b/doc/porting.doxygen
> @@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ most targets. However, couple of additional functions that are common
>  on modern UNIX systems are used. Number of these are listed with
>  prototypes in \ref common.h (the \verbatim #ifdef CONFIG_ANSI_C_EXTRA \endverbatim
>  block). These functions may need to be implemented or at least defined
> -as macros to native functions in the target OS or C library.
> +as macros to built-in functions in the target OS or C library.

And here.

> diff --git a/wpa_supplicant/ChangeLog b/wpa_supplicant/ChangeLog
> @@ -1864,7 +1864,7 @@ ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
>  	  generate, e.g., man pages
>  	* l2_packet_linux: use socket type SOCK_DGRAM instead of SOCK_RAW for
>  	  PF_PACKET in order to prepare for network devices that do not use
> -	  Ethernet headers (e.g., network stack with native IEEE 802.11 frames)
> +	  Ethernet headers (e.g., network stack with original IEEE 802.11 frames)

"original" here seems a bit confusing since there is a special meaning
for "native IEEE 802.11/wifi/etc." in various implementations to
reference a case where the frame header has not been converted into the
Ethernet format. Such cases can either provide the exact header used in
the over-the-air frame or a modified variant of the 802.11 header.
"original" would be fine for the former, but it would be incorrect for
the latter. "network stack that includes IEEE 802.11 headers" could be a
more accurate replacement for this.

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