[PATCH v6 02/17] nl80211: Migrate to current netlink key message format

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Fri Sep 20 02:26:52 PDT 2019

On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 06:16:09PM +0200, Alexander Wetzel wrote:
> But as always when sending a patch out I already found another issue:
> handle_extended_key_id() for hostapd is kind of stupid in the current
> patchset. By moving it some lines we can also fold the TKIP check into it.
> I've mostly done that - more tests pending - but then I also noticed that
> handle_extended_key() should be ok to check less and want to look into that,
> too. (Should be trivial, so I probably can do that today.)
> I'm also thinking about to dropping all the "& 0x03" in src/ap/wpa_auth.c.
> The one I added for keyidx_active should be "& 0x01" but since we do that on
> trusted internal variables which already have the correct values there
> should be no need to do that at all...
> Do you maybe prefer just a diff with the changes compared to V6?
> I could either act like V6 has been merged or even just send you one patch
> with the accumulated fixes.

It would probably be easiest if you can send separate patches on top of
full V6 patchset for now since I'm going through those and will most
likely apply at least a subset of them. I can easily merge in such
changes to pending patches if they are fixing or cleaning up items
within not yet fully applied changes.

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