Windows 10 Clients Re-Auth loops

Stefan Walkner swalkner at
Thu Sep 19 05:54:30 PDT 2019


I'm troubled by this issue for quite some time now. I researched the
internet but I don't see many similar troubles (and the few I saw -
didn't have solutions or they didn't work at all). I hope this is the
right place to post my concern.

I have different Windows 10 Clients. Different Notebooks, with
different Wifi-Chips and Driver-Versions (wasn't able to narrow it
down to chip/version or so). I have a hostapd setup with the following
configuration [1] which already worked for many Windows (and Linux)
clients. Unfortunately some Windows 10 Clients just wildly
authenticate to immediately deauth and then try again. I tried with
static IP and (by default) DHCP. DNSmasq sends leases to the client.
Sometimes Windows even shows the received IP address and and the
connection seems fine (although in the background auth/deauth
continues) and after a while the connection will just drop. Sometimes
- during this time - it's possible to ping the AP (or vice versa) -
sometimes not. I tried hostapd Versions 2.4, 2.6 and also 2.7. The
Windows Event Log doesn't show anything helpful :-( A debug-log of
hostapd during this kind of loop: [2] I'm totally stuck on that topic
since I simply don't know where the issue comes from. It's an embedded
board I'm using which is equipped with a TiWi5 card.

tcpdump didn't show much neither, as almost no traffic arrives on TCP (yet).

I would appreciate any kind of hint or suggestion very much. Thanks in
Advance, stefan



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