initialization of wpa_supplicant is very long

Arthur LAMBERT lambertarthur22 at
Thu Jun 13 06:56:19 PDT 2019

> It's not clear to me why hostapd uses getrandom() without the
> GRND_RANDOM flag, but then falls back to /dev/random rather than
> /dev/urandom?

I dont used hostapd at all on my target device. I only use wpa_supplicant.
I dont create any wifi point access on my device. My device is the client
in my case.

I dont see anything relative about RANDOM flag in my wpa_supplicant configuration except this :
[arthur] grep -nRE RANDOM output/build/wpa_supplicant-2.7/wpa_supplicant/.config

Moreover HW_RANDOM is enable in my kernel defconfig.

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