[PATCH] Improve roaming logic

Kristian Klausen kristian at klausen.dk
Thu Jun 6 14:26:32 PDT 2019


I'm experiencing aggressively roaming:
> wpa_supplicant[9336]: wlp2s0: Current BSS: d8:38:fc:xx:xx:xx freq=2437 
> level=-72 snr=17 est_throughput=48000
> wpa_supplicant[9336]: wlp2s0: Selected BSS: d8:38:fc:xx:xx:xx 
> freq=5260 level=-68 snr=24 est_throughput=65001
> wpa_supplicant[9336]: wlp2s0: Allow reassociation - selected BSS has 
> better estimated throughput

A quick glance at the mailing list, I found this patch 
http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/hostap/2018-July/038702.html, which 
I think is a better way to handle roaming.
Was it forgotten or is there any particular reason it wasn't merged?

- Kristian Klausen

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