Requesting support for CPU performance and benchmarking in the presence of network

Wed Apr 17 13:58:06 PDT 2019


We have a test bed DUT with OpenWRT While Capturing CPU usage, we
observed below points.

1. 5 mobile clients are connected to the DUT and streaming HD video
consumes CPU usage 0 to 5%

2. 5 mobile clients are connected to DUT and streaming HD video and
downloading a 350MB file for every 3minutes then CPU usage is 8% to

If I increase the number of downloads then softirq increased and CPU
usage has reached to more the 30%

Will we have any impact on CPU if softirq's increases?

Please help me to confirm, is this an issue? are we need to consider this issue?

Thanks in advance.

with regards,
Janardhanachari Kella

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