Unable 40MHz bandwidth in the 2.4GHz band?

Nicolas Boullis nboullis at debian.org
Wed Apr 17 12:15:53 PDT 2019


Many thanks to Jouni and you for the explanations.

I started hostapd with -d, as suggested by Jouni, and the resulting log 
could confirm that the bandwidth was limited to 20MHz because another 
SSID was detected.

I wish my neighbors, who all use channels 6 and 7 (with 20MHz bandwidth) 
could all switch to lower or higher channels, but I guess that won’t 

As I wanted to experiment, I cheated a bit and could get 40MHz 
bandwidth. That’s fine.

Anyway, I understand the point, so I stopped cheating and I’m back to 

Thanks again, and thanks for the great hostapd,


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