WPA3 support in wpa-2.7 package

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Sat Apr 13 01:33:30 PDT 2019

On Tue, Apr 09, 2019 at 01:47:25PM +0000, Jim Crites wrote:
> Are there CONFIG_ flags that need to be enabled so that the supplicant and hostapd will support WPA3 ?
> Assume driver & chipset & firmware support WPA3.

The exact set depends on which features of WPA3 you are considering
here, but the following build parameters are relevant to this:

# Protected Management Frames (PMF)

# Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE), WPA3-Personal

# Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE)

# Suite B / CNSA Suite / 192-bit security

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