[PATCH v6 00/15] mesh: enable DFS channels in mesh mode

Peter Oh peter.oh at bowerswilkins.com
Sun Jun 3 21:54:27 PDT 2018

> This series of patches looks causes failure of auto test
> "wpas_mesh_secure_sae_missing_password".
> By bisecting, the patch 03/15 "mesh: relocate RSN init function"
> could cause this.
Is the failure on DFS channels only or non-DFS channels also?
What is the command line to run the hwsim test case?

> And gcc 7.3.0 outputs this warning.
> mesh.c: In function ‘wpas_mesh_complete_cb’:
> mesh.c:412:7: warning: implicit declaration of function 
> ‘hostapd_set_freq_params’; did you mean ‘hostapd_set_security_params’? 
> [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
>    if (hostapd_set_freq_params(&params->freq,
>        ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>        hostapd_set_security_params
hostapd_set_freq_params() is the right one. I'll add 
hw_features_common.h in the file once your first comment cleared.


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