systemd service reload for wpa_supplicant

Steven P peasteven at
Mon Oct 9 02:22:21 PDT 2017

Escalating this upstream as the Arch Linux package maintainer said
that wpa_supplicant uses the service from the project tarball.

I noticed that the wpa_supplicant service does not have a reload
command defined. For awhile now I've been restarting the whole service
when I add a network to the config file. However you can SIGHUP
wpa_supplicant to cause it to reload the config file.

ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID

The systemd documentation recommends against this on the grounds that
it would be preferable for it to block. To meet this expectation, you
could also try to use wpa_cli, although I'm not sure this will work
100% of the time (eg if wpa_supplicant is not configured in such a way
to enable wpa_cli)

ExecReload=/usr/bin/wpa_cli reconfigure

Others on this mailing list probably have a better understanding of
this scenario and can maybe devise better methodologies.


- Steven

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