Confirmation about encryption situation of hostapd (v0.5.10)

Takahashi, Hayato Hayato.Takahashi at
Tue Mar 21 22:02:53 PDT 2017

Dear hostapd users

My name is Hayato Takahashi and I work in Anritsu company development department.
My project is planning to use hostapd and has some queries about encryption implementation for confirming our export control process.

Could you help for confirm the following queries?

-	Query1
Could you tell me ECCN of hostapd ?

-	Query2
Does hostapd have any unique encryption functions without OpenSSL library?
If hostapd have the encryption functions, what is the purpose for using it?

For example,
(1)	Partner authentication
(2)	Key exchange
(3)	Data confidentiality

Best Regards,
Hayato Takahashi

Hayato Takahashi

ANRITSU Corporation
3rd Product Development Dept.
R&D Group

e-mail: Hayato.Takahashi at

This technical information is a category of Export-Controlled Technologies by Japanese and/or U.S. Export Control Laws and Orders.
So, it cannot be re-supplied nor transferred to any non-resident/foreign country without a prior written consent of Anritsu Corporation. 

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