hostapd leaving out 'zombie' accesspoint after killing it with crtl+c

Wojciech Żyszczyński zyszczynski at
Tue Mar 21 07:30:43 PDT 2017


I am running hostapd 2.6 on centos 7. I start it and the SSID is being
What puzzles me, if I terminate the hostapd process with CTRL+C in the
console, the SSID is still being broadcasted.

I checked all the processes in the system, and hostapd is dead.

The zombie SSID is visible in the scan results and connection can be
attempted. It always fails though.
My guess is that 'hostapd does not shutdown the Access Point at the
wifi driver level'.

Any ideas on that?

Best Regards,
Wojciech Żyszczyński

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