[PATCH] RRM: Fix number of SSIDs in scan for beacon report

Otcheretianski, Andrei andrei.otcheretianski at intel.com
Wed Mar 8 07:36:50 PST 2017

> This is a beacon report request with Measurement Mode having value Active.
> That indicates that there is a request to do an active scan. If the SSID subelement
> is not included in the Beacon request, this is a request to report all BSSs
> regardless of the SSID. For this to use an active scan, params->num_ssids needs
> to be 1 and a zero length SSID needs to be specified as the SSID to scan for.

Please drop this one. I somehow missed the num_ssid == 1 for active scan part.

> Jouni Malinen                                            PGP id EFC895FA

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