[PATCH v3 2/3] tests: Check wmediumd version

Masashi Honma masashi.honma at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 13:11:49 PST 2017

On 2017/03/03 18:31, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> Now that there is 0.3 version in wmediumd.git, I started running tests
> with it. For some reason, all the wmediumd test cases (i.e., the
> existing ones and the one added in this series) are failing about half
> of the time due to connectivity check failing. Any idea why that
> happens? Is there now some packet loss being enabled by default that
> causes this? Is that on purpose?

If the message "get_error_prob_from_per_matrix: invalid rate_idx=xxx"
is included in wmediumd.log, it is known bug and patch was already sent.
Bob, could you merge this ?

> I cannot really move to this setup since the hwsim test cases are
> supposed to pass every time they are run. In other words, either the
> test cases need to be modified if wmediumd is dropping packets or
> wmediumd need to be modified. I'm not sure what exactly changed here, so
> I'm just going back to my old wmediumd snapshot from a year ago for
> now and won't be applying these patches until the current issues are
> resolved.

With wmediumd, frame transmission could fail because the result of tx is
defined with rand(). I understand hwsim test case should be passed every
time. I will rewrite the test.

Masashi Honma.

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