Error while enabling AP using wpa_supplicant

Jose Blanquicet blanquicet at
Fri Jan 27 06:32:04 PST 2017


After commit a70cd0db876b2ffad7e3d608e3f9a2fcf2e7a879, it is not
possible to enable AP mode using wpa_supplicant. I noticed that also
Masashi found that this commit is creating memory leak problems
(Topic: [PATCH] mesh: Fix a memory leak on deinit).


nl80211: Set beacon (beacon_set=0)
nl80211: Register beacons command failed: ret=-95 (Operation not supported)
Failed to set beacon parameters

It is failing when calling nl80211_get_wiphy_data_ap() added by this
patch on wpa_driver_nl80211_set_ap():

if (beacon_set)
           cmd = NL80211_CMD_SET_BEACON;
+ else if (!nl80211_get_wiphy_data_ap(bss))
+         return -ENOBUFS;

In this patch nl80211_get_wiphy_data_ap call was moved from
nl80211_mgmt_subscribe_ap to nl80211_get_wiphy_data_ap, resulting in a
premature call. I think this movement could also be the the reason of
the memory leak Masashi pointed out. @Dedy, could you please check

Thanks in advance.


Jose Blanquicet

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