Issues with long connection time with 802.1x on cable

dennis knorr dennis.knorr at
Sun Jan 15 04:09:29 PST 2017


On 15.01.2017 06:33, Dan Williams wrote:
> NM 1.6 will introduce a per-connection "autoconnect retries" option
> that would also help your issue.  You could reduce the autoconnect
> retries for the 802.1X connection and then you'd get perhaps 15 seconds
> or 30 seconds before NM fell back to the clear one.

according to the journal there were 3 retries with each ~30 seconds
waiting. I will try the linked configuration tomorrow, that would be
really great.

The other issue, is there a possibility to fire off EAPOL-Requests and
directly after that the dhcp-request? Or is this more an
networkmanager-issue/feature as well?

> If you ask the NM team might even backport it to 1.4; the branch
> doesn't look that bad.  That should probably be done on the NM mailing
> list though.

i will ask for that, yes :)



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