DBus stops listing BSS's

Matthew Stanger matthew_stanger at trimble.com
Wed Apr 19 15:43:14 PDT 2017


While doing work on "Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa" using dfeet & doing many
(dbus) refreshes on the system bus @ 'fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1'(v2.1).
The scan-results(BSS's) stop showing up after some time, ie. dfeet
shows no BSS's when normally 30-40 are around. They do not come back
after waiting some time. Network Manager( in suite shows no
networks in the widget, running a wpa_cli scan & scan_results returns
an empty list on the terminal. If I restart the network-manager
service scan results populate in NM/wpa_cli & in DBus. ¯\_(><)_/¯.
I've been able to recreate this 3 times now. It's not really a big
deal for me but I'd thought I'd write it up just in case it's
important to someone else. I can dig more into it if anyone thinks
it's worth it. I have logs but they're giant and at glance I didn't
see anything of value. I'd though I'd hold off of linking them unless
someone thinks this is worth pursuing.


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