[wpa-supplicant] Can't connect to wifi hotspot

Dan Williams dcbw at redhat.com
Thu Apr 13 08:43:57 PDT 2017

On Thu, 2017-04-13 at 16:17 +0200, Gilles wrote:
> Hello
> I don't know much about wifi. I can't connect to my home AP from a
> Linux 
> Mint 18 laptop that has a Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 wifi chip.
> Here's what /var/log/syslog says when I try to connect to the AP
> using 
> the NetworkManager in Mint:
> https://pastebin.com/raw/ByfWKvqH
> (used a remote site for a shorter message)
> Does it look like the issue is with wpa_supplicant or rather in the 
> NetworkManager application?

First there is a driver or AP failure:

kernel: [ 7968.904287] wlp2s0: deauthenticated from 72:a9:e4:4f:67:c0

and the supplicant disables the AP for 10 seconds.  Then the supplicant
retries and is able to authenticate and associate to the AP, but cannot
complete the 4-way handshake:

kernel: [ 7981.969561] wlp2s0: associated
wpa_supplicant[1742]: wlp2s0: Associated with 72:a9:e4:4f:67:c0

NetworkManager[1048]: <info>  [1492088527.3722] device (wlp2s0):
supplicant interface state: authenticating -> associated
NetworkManager[1048]: <warn>  [1492088532.3307] device (wlp2s0):
Activation: (wifi) association took too long

After this second auth/assoc, 5 seconds go by without any 4-way
handshake progress, and NM times the connection attempt out.

I don't think this is a NetworkManager or wpa_supplicant problem,
really.  It seems much more like a driver or AP issue.

One really stupid question; have you power-cycled your AP?  I have seen
quite a few consumer-level APs get into states like this, which a
reboot fixes temporarily.


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