constructing station variables from hostapd

michael tetemke mehari michael.mehari at
Tue Sep 27 01:37:38 PDT 2016

Hello Jouni Malinen,

Thank you for the answer and indeed the Tx/Rx statistics have most of 
the information I was looking for.

I also found out that the  station dump command from iw can retrieve 
similar information.

Now for my Control and Decision Engine (CDE) to be complete, I need one 
more thing which is an event based roaming monitor.

I want to construct an event based roaming monitor such that for every 
roaming activity, the application will give me the station ID, the time 
it took to complete and the different roaming steps followed (scanning, 
authentication, association, EAP, Key distribution).

If the roaming wasn't successful then the application will give the 
reason why it fails like how much time does it spent on the different 
roaming steps or how many packets were passed by.

I guess it would make more sense if I write an interactive application 
which connects with the hostapd control interface and wait for 
unsolicited messages to develop the roaming monitor. But I am not sure 
if there exists already such an application and I want to ask the 
audience for that.

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