Mesh MPM

Altshul, Maxim maxim.altshul at
Thu Sep 22 03:07:46 PDT 2016

Hi All,
I am trying to control the mesh connection process manually, and I have a couple of questions regarding the process:

1. When using the cli command mesh_peer_add after using mesh_peer_remove ,the command returns "No such mesh peer". 
I understand that this is because mesh_peer_add only calls mesh_mpm_connect_peer, which will look up the station and then return "No such mesh peer" since it was removed from the station hash table by mesh_peer_remove.
Is this by design? Wouldn't we want to add the station (using mesh_mpm_add_peer) and then connect it?

2. When a mesh point is empty (no peers), using no_auto_peer = 1 does not stop the MP from looking up a candidate and connecting to it (I'm guessing that the scan process causes this). Is this also by design?


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