[Patch 3/3] Network steering feature

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Mon Sep 19 09:32:59 PDT 2016

On Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 08:48:20AM -0700, David Weidenkopf wrote:
> Introduction
> ----------------
> The network steering system steers client STAs to the infrastructure AP
> with the best RSSI. APs collaborate and can use several methods to direct
> client STAs to transition to the best AP.
> Please review the attached txt for further details regarding this RFC.
> This RFC builds upon the previous two patches, "BSS transition with candidate
> list" and "Client station blacklist support".

Could you please clarify where this protocol definitions for messages
exchanged between APs comes from? Should the RFC-Network-Steering.txt be
part of the commit to document the protocol and how it is to be
configured? Especially the use of r0kh list (a parameter specific to FT)
is quite unexpected.. I'm also not exactly happy with choosing an
ethertype "random from unassigned".. Is it clear that this protocol
would never need to be routed between APs that are not reachable within
the same physical network (e.g., any need for IP routing)?

I don't see any kind of authentication in the protocol. What protects
this from injection of packets from unauthorized devices? Couldn't all
associated stations in the network send these messages to trigger APs to
react for arbitrary MAC addresses, e.g., to cause denial of service or
improve the network conditions for themselves?

I started going through the details in all three patches and noticed
that the four new files added (patch 1/3 and 3/3) do not include any
copyright or license statements. Could you please provide an updated
version with such statements added (and hopefully with the same license
that is used throughout the repository)? I cannot apply any of the
patches without clear understanding on the licensing terms.

I'm attaching the snapshot version that I have in my review branch after
fixing couple of small issues and cleaning up some coding style issues
(far from complete on that front, though).

Please also note that there are number of allocation calls (at least
wpabuf_alloc()) that could fail and need to be checked against NULL
before dereferencing the pointer.

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