wpa_supplicant: Enable HT40 and VHT automatically when setting up AP mode operation

Jose Blanquicet blanquicet at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 08:59:06 PDT 2016


> According to previous discussion, the idea is to automatically enable VHT
> based on driver capabilities when setting up an AP mode operation. It
> can be prevente by means of disable_vht parameter. Currently, it is not
> even possible to enable VHT in AP mode.
> In addition, TODO task to enable automatically HT40 was implemented
> for AP mode. It can be prevented using disable_ht40.
> Remaining TODO tasks:
>         - Use HT40+ or HT40- based on Beacons detection.
>         - Support 160MHz and 80+80MHz channel width
> What do you think?

Has someone taken a look at this?

>   wpa_supplicant: Enable HT40 automatically when setting up AP mode
>     operation
>   wpa_supplicant: Enable VHT automatically based on driver capabilities
>     in AP mode

Best Regards,

Jose Blanquicet

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