failure using wpa_supplicant from command line

Gucea Doru gucea.doru at
Fri Sep 2 04:52:00 PDT 2016


First of all, sorry for my previous double posting of the same
message. There was something wrong with my email client.

I further investigated the problem and discovered that the scanning
process is not started because wpa_supplicant times-out on a netlink
Strace shows me that there is a timeout on a pselect call with EAGAIN
( For reference I also attach lsof
output (

Could someone help me to identify what is the expected input for this
socket and why the socket times out?

What is really interesting is that a kill -1 on the wpa_supplicant
process determines a reconfiguration and the and the scanning process
is started (


On Sat, Aug 27, 2016 at 3:34 PM, Gucea Doru <gucea.doru at> wrote:
> Hello, everyone
> I am trying to connect an Android device to a Wi-Fi network using
> wpa_supplicant from command line.
> My setup is composed of a Nexus 4 smartphone running CM13 (Android6).
> The problem seems to be specific for the Android6 configuration
> because in Android4 (CM10.1) the exact same steps were followed and
> everything worked as expected.
> Here are the steps that I followed:
> ----------
>  1. killed the existing wpa_process started by default on Android. I also
>  2. moved the wpa_supplicant binary to a different location for
> avoiding a process respawn.
>  3. wpa_supplicant -dd -Dnl80211 -iwlan0 -c./ap.conf
> ----------
>  - logcat messages:
> As you can notice from the logcat messages, there are no error
> messages (E) only debug (D) messages and the scanning/association
> process is not started.
> **Judging from the logcat messages do you have any idea where the problem is?**
> P.S.: Just for reference, I also attach the wpa_supplicant messages
> from a successful authentication (when wpa_supplicant is used
> automatically by the Android framework):
> Regards,
> Doru

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