wpa_supplicant: FT: No PMKR1Name in FT 4-way handshake message 3/4

Andreas Steinmetz ast at domdv.de
Thu Nov 17 10:57:18 PST 2016

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Trying to associate with wpa_supplicant 2.6 to a Lancom AP/WLC
combination in 802.11r eap mode fails with the message "FT: No
PMKR1Name in FT 4-way handshake message 3/4".

Googling around it seems that including the PMK-R1-Name in said message
seems to be optional, though I can't seem to find any proper documents.

Anyway, wpa_supplicant doesn't seem to use the returned value except
for a paranoia sanity check.

The attached patch simply changes the behaviour when PMK-R1-Name is not
included in the message from error to warning and wpa_supplicant
completes association/authentication.
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