wpa_supplicant: secured mesh and WiLink8 issue

Bob Copeland me at bobcopeland.com
Fri Nov 4 05:19:56 PDT 2016

On Fri, Nov 04, 2016 at 12:33:38PM +0100, Yegor Yefremov wrote:
> wpa_supplicant is 2.7-devel i.e. git master
> tcpdump shows nothing either unicast or broadcasts
> So I both new kernel and newest wpa_supplicant. I've also added
> ieee80211w=2, but no change.
> Do I still need authsae daemon? If I use authsar-nl80211 I get
> segmantation fault after
>  sae_debug(MESHD_DEBUG, "new peer candidate (seq num=%d)\n",
>             nlmsg_hdr(msg)->nlmsg_seq);

Hmm, don't know about that offhand, but no, you don't need
authsae -- wpa_supplicant fills the same role.

Which wireless driver is this?  You might also see the same kind
of thing if the hardware doesn't support the necessary encryption
primitives for mesh.

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