"kernel: BUG: scheduling while atomic:" errors with linux kernel 4.6

James Feeney james at nurealm.net
Mon May 23 10:29:46 PDT 2016

On 05/20/2016 09:39 AM, Larry Finger wrote:
> @James: Please run the command "dmesg | grep rtl_rfreg_delay". Do any of the
> resulting lines show a value other than "+0x38" for the offset? If that is the
> only one, the attached patch should fix the problem.

Sorry about the delayed response.

$ dmesg | grep rtl_rfreg_delay
[   15.936262]  [<ffffffffa06b1218>] rtl_rfreg_delay+0x38/0x50 [rtlwifi]
[  348.735402]  [<ffffffffa06b1218>] rtl_rfreg_delay+0x38/0x50 [rtlwifi]

So that looks like a no, just the "+0x38" for the offset.


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