[PATCH] Do not bind WDS station to VLAN on reconnect

M. Braun michael-dev at fami-braun.de
Wed Mar 16 09:52:49 PDT 2016

Am 15.03.2016 um 16:15 schrieb Dmitrijs Ivanovs:
> WDS station is bound to specific interface such as wlan0.sta1. Current
> code rebinds it back to to wlan0 in case of reassociation. Because of
> this, traffic is not flowing. My patch fixes this problem.

If this code rebinds the station to wlan0, sta->vlan_id is not properly
set. As the station is currently bound to wlan0.sta1, sta->vlan_id was
once properly set and then got cleared (sometime after ap_sta_bind_vlan
was called). Clearing sta->vlan_id does not immediately populate into
the station being bound to wlan0 - this is put into effect by

So the fix should be about setting sta->vlan_id properly.

Currently sta->vlan_id is set by ap_sta_set_vlan during 802.11 auth
(e.g. for using macaddr_acl=2), during 802.1x (RADIUS Access-Accept) and
when authenticating using PMKSA cache. These code paths also clear
sta->vlan_id for example if RADIUS Access-Accept does not include a VLAN

M. Braun

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