[PATCH] Find correct driver for interface additions/removals

Roy Marples roy at marples.name
Sun Mar 13 10:31:39 PDT 2016

On Sunday 06 March 2016 22:27:21 Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 05:57:27PM +0000, Roy Marples wrote:
> >     Interface additions/removals are not guaranteed to be for the
> >     driver listening to the kernel events.
> >     As such, send the events to wpa_supplicant_event_global()
> >     which can then pick the correct interface registered with
> >     wpa_supplicant to send the event to.
> This seems to break one of the hwsim test cases (autogo_ifdown) since
> the interface removal event is now handled before the interface disabled
> event. I tried to fix that with the changes below, but that did not
> allow the test case to pass since there was an extra interface removal
> for the previous instance of the netdev being processed 0.7 seconds
> later when the new netdev with the same ifname was in place. This new
> event used the old ifindex, but it was still delivered and processed for
> the new netdev, thus terminating the P2P group.

That should not be the case.
I have re-configured my Linux system so that the majority of the tests pass, 
however it takes an awful long time to run them all.
Is there a way to run a specific test by itself relatively easily so I can work 
on this more easily?

> I'm not sure what to about this. I cannot apply this patch without that
> test case being fixed first. This looks like a real issue, so modifying
> the test case does not look appropriate either. Something might need to
> filter out delayed RTM_DELLINK events to avoid something like this..

Fair enough.


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