[PATCH v2] AP: save EAPOL received before assoc resp

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Sun Mar 6 12:49:03 PST 2016

On Sun, Mar 06, 2016 at 11:29:16AM +0200, Eliad Peller wrote:
> There is a race condition in which AP might receive
> the EAPOL-Start frame (from the just-associated
> station) before the tx completion of the assoc response.
> This in turn will cause the EAPOL-Start frame to get
> dropped, and potentially failing the connection.
> Solve this by saving EAPOLs from authenticated-but-not-
> associated stations, and handling them during the assoc
> response tx completion processing.

Thanks, applied.
Jouni Malinen                                            PGP id EFC895FA

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