nl80211 drv->capa.key_mgmt for ath6kl and FT

Doug Smith Doug.Smith at
Wed Mar 2 13:13:22 PST 2016

Noticed that the nl80211 drv->capa.key_mgmt for an ath6kl wireless device has both bits for FT/802.11r support set: 
  WPA_DRIVER_CAPA_KEY_MGMT_FT     0x00000020
Suspect that these two capability bits should not be set for an ath6kl wireless device.

The supplicant appears to set the FT key management capability bits based solely on registering action frames of type "\x06" - used for over-the-DS FT connections.

Believe that fullmac (non-mac80211) driver FT/802.11r support also requires implementation of the update_ft_ies() operation and cfg80211_ft_event() call - believe required for over-the-air FT connections.
Neither of these functions are supported in the ath6kl driver which is a fullmac (non-mac80211) driver.

Please advise.


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