couldn't connect to hostapd - re-trying

Aniss Maghsoudlou aniss.maghsoudlou at
Thu Jun 23 09:41:35 PDT 2016

I'm new to hostapd and now I'm trying to run hostapd_cli which after 2
days of tracing the error, now I know that its problem is in
wpa_ctrl_open2 when it's going to connect the socket. connect return
-1 and sets the errno to 111 which is apparently connection refused.

to reach where I'm now, I have made a directory named hostapd in
var/run and made an empty file name aniss.tmp and now running the cli
using this command: sudo ./hostapd_cli -s /var/run/hostapd. before
doing these, I had some other errors.
Btw, it's still showing me the error:

couldn't connect to hostapd - re-trying

Is there anything I should do before just running the hostapd_cli?

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