[PATCH 0/8] mka fixes

Sabrina Dubroca sd at queasysnail.net
Tue Jul 19 02:56:50 PDT 2016

This patchset contains a variety of fixes for the MKA code (src/pae).

I've been working on adding support for the new macsec driver present
in the Linux kernel, as well as adding a new mode (pre-shared CAK/CKN
pair) and new configuration options for the current MKA code.  The
bugs fixed by these patches have been found during that work.

This series is the first part of this work.  Next I also have some
cleanups to the MKA code, and patches to add the new features.
You can have a look at the current state of that work here:


The macsec_linux driver depends on recent commits in libnl:


Sabrina Dubroca (8):
  mka: fix multiple key server election bugs
  mka: fix memory leak in ieee802_1x_kay_create_live_peer
  mka: fix length when encoding SAK-use
  mka: avoid inconsistent state in move_live_peer
  mka: add error handling around move_live_peer
  mka: avoid reading past the end of mka_body_handler
  mka: add check for body length when decoding peers
  mka: fix use after free

 src/pae/ieee802_1x_kay.c | 74 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
 1 file changed, 41 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)


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