Incorrect re-creation of wpa_supplicant interfaces

Blanquicet-Melendez Jose (MM) jose.blanquicet-melendez at
Wed Jul 6 08:30:32 PDT 2016


We are having problems to correctly re-create an interface at runtime with its own configuration file (Passed with parameter -c at the beginning) after it have been deleted. The use case from which this issue came out was when in the programs used at the higher layers, in particular ConnMan, it is allowed to disable Wi-Fi functionalities. In order to do that, ConnMan removes all the wpa_supplicant interfaces when user disables Wi-Fi and re-create them when user re-enables Wi-Fi. The problem appears when it is required an specific configuration file for some/all interfaces. It's because the configuration file path is not known by the ConnMan (Or any higher layer program), therefore when it tries to re-create the interface it will not specify the "ConfigFile" parameter and the interface will be incorrectly created without the required configuration.

Looking at the fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1.Interface properties both "BridgeIfname" and "Driver" are exposed, in that way the higher layer programs can memorize both parameters and it becomes a responsibility of those program to correctly use them when interfaces are deleted and re-created. I would like to propose to also add the configuration file path to the properties as "ConfigFile" in order to solve the previous described issue.

What do you think? If there is something we are missing I would like to ask you which will be the correct procedure to re-create interfaces with the configuration file passed at the very beginning in order to provide Wi-Fi enable/disable feature at the higher layers.

Thanks in advance.

Jose Blanquicet



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