[PATCH] Only send Acct-Session-Id and Connect-Info in Accounting-Requests

Nick Lowe nick.lowe at lugatech.com
Mon Jan 25 07:53:59 PST 2016

Ah, I'm wrong about the Acct-Session-Id being missed from Access-Requests.

More haste less speed!


On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 1:43 PM, Nick Lowe <nick.lowe at lugatech.com> wrote:
> The Acct-Session-Id isn't actually being sent at the moment in
> Access-Requests as it isn't generated until accounting_sta_get_id() is
> called.
> If we are going to do that, I feel we should also include the
> Acct-Multi-Session-Id in the Access-Requests too. Thoughts?
> Nick

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