Fwd: IEEE 802.11W unicast management frame encryption

ammad rehmat ammad.rehmat at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 03:21:38 PST 2016


I am working on 802.11w and I am facing problem in unicast management
frame encryption. I have implemented CCMP protocol of my own and it
works fine with test vectors. I am testing my project against hostapd
with 802.11W= required and pairwise_rsn= CCMP , keymanagemente=

My project is unable to decipher the unicast management frame received
from hostapd. I am wondering if I am using the wrong key? I use the
PTK generated during 4-way handshake according to IEEE-802.11 2012
article 8.6 .

Please correct me if I am using the wrong key.

In the logs I tried to verify if the keys generated on both sides are
same but hostapd logs show following line :

WPA: PTK - hexdump(len 48) : [removed]

I do not understand , isnt the key length supposed to be 32 in CCMP
case and how can I print the key in the logs?


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