Instances of wpa_supplicant

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Thanks Jouni. That makes sense.

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On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 05:31:26AM +0000, Barigal, Shrishail wrote:
> I have a small query related to multiple instances of wpa_supplicant in Linux-x86.
> I have put down the 2 cases of my execution and the results are different for both. I am basically concerned with the channel of the P2P-GO formed.
> What is the difference in running 1 wpa_supplicant with 2 different interface and running 2 wpa_supplicant with 1 interface each as mentioned below:

When using a single wpa_supplicant process to control multiple interfaces, information about the operating channels of the other interfaces can be used to help in selecting a more suitable new operating channel to avoid less efficient multi channel concurrent cases.

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