eduroam disconnects with reason=3 (WPA-EAP, PEAP, MSCHAPv2)

Sergei Sinyak serega.belarus at
Wed Apr 20 02:50:45 PDT 2016

Hi. I've spent evening while gathering logs from that server at
University. Here i have:
- cisco log with authentication from laptop with wpa_supplicant 2.5
and samsung android phone with wpa_supplicant 2.0
- wpa_supplicant log from laptop
- wpa_supplicant log with default verbosity from android phone

Please, checkout logs, in case there are some usefull info.

Now, i am going to revert back wpa_supplicant related packages in my
ArchLinux. This should provide me with working package's versions of
software. The reason to do that is a fine authentication on ubuntu via
wpa_supplicant v2.0. I already tried to rollback wpa_supplicant to
v2.0, but it was not enough.

Sergei Sinyak

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