Driver deletes and add station

sunder sunder_k
Mon May 25 21:26:13 PDT 2015

iw event shows the following message.  There is no auth/deauth process in the air.  But, the driver itself deletes and add station.  Add and delete  happens in less than 1 ms interval as well.   This causes the ping drop.  Is there any specific reason,  for driver do this operation ? Thanks in advance.  1425655613.534920: wlan0: del
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655613.535379: wlan0: new
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655613.536408: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e0396c00): acked

1425655615.463405: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e4b4b840): acked

1425655615.479182: wlan0: del
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655615.479649: wlan0: new
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655615.480666: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e5021000): acked

1425655619.663782: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e51ef3c0): acked

1425655619.678899: wlan0: del
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655619.679389: wlan0: new
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655619.680407: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e51efcc0): acked

1425655621.068643: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e50b1780): acked

1425655621.084163: wlan0: del
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655621.084649: wlan0: new
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655621.085572: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e50b1000): acked

1425655623.689340: wlan0 (phy
#0): scan started

1425655623.794241: wlan0 (phy
#0): scan finished: 2452,

1425655626.677001: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e5021540): acked

1425655626.692269: wlan0: del
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655626.692850: wlan0: new
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655626.693703: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e54e9cc0): acked

1425655639.855425: wlan0 (phy
#0): scan started

1425655639.962252: wlan0 (phy
#0): scan finished: 2417,

1425655646.039899: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e447a900): acked

1425655646.055765: wlan0: del
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4

1425655646.055905: wlan0: new
station 58:94:6b:8c:05:a4 Bes Regards,Sunder

1425655646.056713: wlan0 (phy
#0): mgmt TX status (cookie e50cfc00): acked

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