Multiple wlans' bssids

Jouni Malinen j
Sun May 24 03:54:53 PDT 2015

On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 09:27:56AM +0300, Yury Shvedov wrote:
> according to this
> <> many
> other sources and my experience of hostapd's code modifying the mac
> address of base virtual interface must be multiple to 0x8 at the
> last octet.

There is no such requirement, but having zero bits at the end of the MAC
address can be convenient for automatic MAC address assignment.

> After my simple modifications of hostapd's code this
> this requirement gone, and hostapd uses original address of wireless
> interface for the first bss (hostapd_iface::bss[0]). But when I'm
> trying to add another bss, driver fails to create it with the error
> like "Could not set interface wlan1-2 hwaddr: Invalid argument".
> Can someone please explain me what the reason of such behaviour?
> Could I make the first bss to have bssid=mac address of radio and
> other bss to begin with number multiple to 0x8?

I'm not sure what modifications you did. You can either handle all MAC
address assignment externally by specifying the bssid=<addr> parameter
for each BSS or use hostapd to assign MAC addresses. For the latter, you
may need to have a base address that has specific structure (e.g., zero
bits in the end).

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