Send neighbor request (radio measurement) action frame

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Sending a neighbor report request is supported from the control interface (assuming the underlying driver supports 11k). Have a look at:




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Subject: Send neighbor request (radio measurement) action frame

I want to send a neighbor request frame.

I use Action Category 5 and action 4 for neighbor request but I don?t know if it really works because I can?t receive any action frame which should be sent with wireshark.
In this code, wpa_drv_send_action returns 0, so I think the action frame should be sent.

Is the following debug output correct that wpa_supplicant sends an action frame?

  data = os_zalloc(3);
  data[0] = 0x05; //action category: radio measurment
  data[1] = 0x04; //action: neighbor report request

  data[2] = 0x00; //dialog token
  if(wpa_s != NULL)
     result = wpa_drv_send_action(wpa_s, wpa_s->assoc_freq, 0,
                                  wpa_s->bssid, wpa_s->own_addr, wpa_s->bssid,
                                  data, 3, 0);

     if(result < 0)
       wpa_printf(MSG_DEBUG, "Failed to send Neighbor Request "
                             "(action=%d, intval=%d)", 0x04, 15);
I get the following Debug Output:

nl80211: Send Action frame (ifindex=4, freq=2462 MHz wait=0 ms no_cck=0)
nl80211: CMD_FRAME freq=2462 wait=0 no_cck=0 no_ack=0 offchanok=1
CMD_FRAME - hexdump(len=27): d0 00 00 00 00 0e 8e 45 02 bf 04 f0 21 01 3d 86 00 0e 8e 45 02 bf 00 00 05 04 00
nl80211: Frame TX command accepted; cookie 0xffff8805f374ed00
nl80211: Event message available
nl80211: Drv Event 60 (NL80211_CMD_FRAME_TX_STATUS) received for wlan0
nl80211: MLME event 60 (NL80211_CMD_FRAME_TX_STATUS) on wlan0(04:f0:21:01:3d:86) A1=00:0e:8e:45:02:bf A2=04:f0:21:01:3d:86
nl80211: MLME event frame - hexdump(len=27): d0 00 da 00 00 0e 8e 45 02 bf 04 f0 21 01 3d 86 00 0e 8e 45 02 bf a0 1d 05 04 00
nl80211: Frame TX status event
nl80211: Action TX status: cookie=0ffff8805f374ed00 (match) (ack=1)
wlan0: Event TX_STATUS (19) received
wlan0: EVENT_TX_STATUS dst=00:0e:8e:45:02:bf type=0 stype=13


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