[PATCH] hs20-ca: provide command-line args to setup.sh

Jouni Malinen j
Fri Mar 27 10:35:51 PDT 2015

On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 10:44:38PM -0400, greearb at candelatech.com wrote:
> diff --git a/hs20/server/ca/setup.sh b/hs20/server/ca/setup.sh
> @@ -5,6 +5,45 @@ if [ -z "$OPENSSL" ]; then
> +# -C:  SSL Commonname for Root CA ($CNR)\n

While this happens to be used with TLS, "SSL Commonname" sound quite
confusing.. This should be the Subject name CN of the Root CA

> +# -d:  DNS Name ($DNS)\n

DNS Name of what? Should be something like OSU_SERVER_HOSTNAME.

> +# -I:  SSL Commonname for Intermediate CA ($CNI)\n
> +# -o:  SSL Commonname for OSU-Client Server ($CNOC)\n
> +# -O:  SSL Commonname for OCSP Server ($CNO)\n

Same comment about SSL.

What is "OSU-Client Server"?? CNOC is used as the CN in the test
certificate that has an invalid usage limitations to work as a server.

> +# -p:  password ($PASS)\n

That should be "passphrase for private keys"

> +# -S:  servername ($SERVERNAME)\n

Server name of what? This should be OSU_SERVER_HOSTNAME (i.e., only one
parameter for this.. DNS == SERVERNAME here is a requirement since
dNSName and subject CN must be same).

> +# -V:  SSL Commonname for OSU-Revoked Server ($CNV)\n

Same comment about SSL.

> +if [ $DEBUG == 1 ]

That fails on many /bin/sh (which is not required to be bash)...
--> if [ $DEBUG = 1 ]

> +if [ ! -f openssl-root.cnf.orig ]
> +then
> +    cp openssl-root.cnf openssl-root.cnf.orig
> +else
> +    cp openssl-root.cnf.orig openssl-root.cnf
> +fi

Why? openssl-root.cnf is the file from repository and must not be
modified. A temporary .tmp file was used here for a reason..

> +if [ ! -f openssl.cnf.orig ]
> +then
> +    cp openssl.cnf openssl.cnf.orig
> +else
> +    cp openssl.cnf.orig openssl.cnf
> +fi

Same as openssl-root.cnf.

> +# Set the password accordingly.
> +cat openssl-root.cnf | sed "s/@PASSWORD@/$PASS/" > openssl-root.cnf.tmp
> +mv openssl-root.cnf.tmp openssl-root.cnf
> +cat openssl.cnf | sed "s/@PASSWORD@/$PASS/" > openssl.cnf.tmp
> +mv openssl.cnf.tmp openssl.cnf

And here's the .tmp file.. Hmm.. Why not simply skip the previous step
with .orig?

> -cat openssl.cnf | sed "s/#@CN@/commonName_default = w1.fi Hotspot 2.0 Intermediate CA/" > openssl.cnf.tmp
> +cat openssl.cnf | sed "s/#@CN@/commonName_default = $CNI/" > openssl.cnf.tmp

This looks a bit undesired flexibility.. This certificate is required to
use "<company> Hotspot 2.0 Intermediate CA" format for the CN. If this
can be modified, it documentation should make it clear that changing
this to anything else will result in an invalid certificate.

Jouni Malinen                                            PGP id EFC895FA

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