[PATCH] Removing redundant commands in wpa_cli

Ola Olsson ola1olsson
Fri Mar 27 04:36:04 PDT 2015


Fair enough, I see your point. I am not sure about your view regarding
backward compatibility though, but I'll include a new patch removing the
commands in wpa_supplicant as well. Use it if you want.

I apologize if this mail will confuse your mailing archive, I am using the
digested version so I had to manually compose this email by copying the


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On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 12:17:19AM +0100, Ola Olsson wrote:
> Small patch in wpa_cli that does not need further explanation.

Well, I'd say it would need more justification.. As long as
wpa_supplicant continues to support these operations for backwards
compatibility, I'd expect wpa_cli to do same.

Jouni Malinen
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