EAP/Ignored Request Identity

Thomas Graf post
Fri Mar 27 03:24:38 PDT 2015


On an embedded device I try to use wpa_supplicant to associate to a 
wireless network using EAP (TLS, PEAP, TTSL - doesn't matter which type).

Sometimes when wpa_supplicant is roaming to another access point 
authenticating is relatively slow. The Reassociation Request is over 
100msec delayed (pacp-dump). The last packet from the accesspoint is the 
EAP Identity Request. That seems to be ignored.
Then 2 Seconds later I issue a HUP (or it would just hang there for a 
30seconds timeout of the access point) to the wpa_supplicant so it tries 
to reconnect - EAP-TLS is finished after 250msec including WPA-Key 
exchange like I would normally expect.

The dump file recorded on the device itself:

I don't really understand where those delays or lost/ignored packets are 
coming from.

It is no difference if I use lancom or cisco access points.

Supplicant is from git (Rev 5a997b2f79f180b2b3aa12030128b2984a7bb664).
Kernelversion is the mainline kernel v3.18.
The embedded system is a imx6-based sytem.

Thanks & Regards,

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