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Sourav sourav.chakraborty
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We are really stuck at this point on this.......please respond asap.

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Subject: 	txpower settings on rt2x00
Date: 	Wed, 25 Mar 2015 16:02:56 +1100
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We have been using open source rt2x00 drivers for our RT3070 WiFi 
chipset......according to EEPROM details of Ralink chipset(RT3x7x EEPROM 
Format V1.75)--

2.4GHz TX0 & TX1 power setting register --

*Offset     b15 ~b8                     b7 ~ b0
52h         Channel 2 TX0 power     Channel 1 TX0 power
54h         Channel 4 TX0 power     Channel 3 TX0 power
56h         Channel 6 TX0 power     Channel 5 TX0 power
58h         Channel 8 TX0 power     Channel 7 TX0 power
5Ah         Channel 10 TX0 power   Channel 9 TX0 power

But on setting the mentioned offsets in EEPROM using iwpriv (e.g iwpriv 
ra0 e2p 52=0809), rt2800lib.c:: static void 
rt2800_config_txpower_rt28xx() function does not read the mentioned 
EEPROM locations.
Instead it reads 6fh (EEPROM_TXPOWER_BYRATE).....can you please explain 
how the open source rt2x00 driver is reading txpower values from EEPROM 
and applying the same on to TX_PWR_CFG0...3 registers?
How is per channel txpower getting set?

Warm Regards,

Warm Regards,

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